My work speaks of contemporary color while reflecting the absurdity of consumer culture. 

Commercial paint for the home is industrial. However, through marketing strategies, the house 

paint industries find a way to make their industrial commercial paint into something personal. I 

have spent time studying home color collections and took notice in the names of color choices 

that seemed to have been harvested from my own life. The associative finding of the personal, 

while wading through the impersonal, is the focus of my work. 

True Value specifically became the paint company I devoted my research to simply because it 

was the closest hardware store in proximity to my home. They also answered my phone calls 

and emails, which lead to a visit to their paint factory in 2014.

My method of working begins with making selections of only the paint names that relate to my 

life. Interior paint companies who spend the time naming and renaming their commercial color 

believe the names assist the consumer to make a decision on color for their home. I take my 

cue from True Value. I am the consumer and I allow their marketing strategy of color naming to 

steer my color choices. 

I am interested in the language attached to commercial house paint. The vertical narrow swatch, 

with seven values of color, supplies all the language I need. On the front, there are a variety of 

color names, and on the back, there are comforting sentences of reassurance about the 

product. To play on the absurd and play with language, I create grammatical sentences. I’m 

interested in the dimensions of the location for each sentence while challenging myself to 

construct a sentence to fill the wall. 

When completed with the sentence structure, the color names are removed. What is put in 

place, is the proxy for the color names: a strip of the actual color. 

Words, punctuations and color are read visually and grammatically. I’m mixing and playing out 

the ideas of reading a painting and reading a sentence while making both tasks complicated. I 

understand the absence of the color names leaves my viewer waiting for information to be 

revealed but my intention is to allow the viewer to complete the sentences. The reason behind 

doing this is the fact that all True Value color names are changed every four years while the 

color stays the same. 

Through my investigations, I’ve determined that my work is a reminder of the social support for 

consumer culture and a display of the control marketing can have on consumerism.